What Is Hymenoplasty?

Simply explained, Hymenoplasty (also known as Hymenorrhaphy, hymen repair, hymen rejuvenation, hymen restoration, revirginization, etc), is the cosmetic repair, restoration, or construction of a woman’s hymen. Restoration of the hymen is also referred to as revirginization.

Hymen is a thin layer of tissue that partially encloses the vaginal opening. Until puberty hymen acts as barrier to vagina against infections.

Who Needs Hymenoplasty?

Since hymen repair has no medical benefit, it is not required for anyone. However, various societal norms dictate that women should be virgin (that is, their hymen should remain intact) till marriage and that an intact hymen and bleeding during first intercourse is proof that a woman is virgin and never had any premarital intercourse with anyone.

However scientific studies show that for most women the hymen gets ruptured during their teenage years due to reasons other than sexual intercourse.

Considering the above, Hymenoplasty is recommended for:

  • Women who are under severe stress to prove their chastity after marriage.

  • Women for whom religious and societal norms dictate that they have an unruptured hymen till marriage.

  • Women who have suffered sape or sexual abuse, and want to have their hymen restored for psychological healing

  • Women who, while beginning a new sexual relationship, may want to please their partner through revirginization

Timing of Hymenoplasty

Since Hymen repair surgery is done solely for the purpose of appearing like a virgin (including bleeding during first intercourse) on the wedding night, the timing of the surgery is very important and is decided based on the day of marriage or when the future planned coitus is supposed to take place. For patients who need the hymen to be intact on visual inspection, the surgery should be performed 3 months before the day of coitus. For patients who only want bleeding and visual inspection is not necessary, the surgery can be done as late as 3 weeks from the day of intercourse.

Preparing for Hymenoplasty Surgery

Discussing this surgery and the need for it can be a challenge for most women. We, at KIMS Plastic Surgery, understand the sensitive nature of this procedure and thus offer complete confidentiality and trust and treat all such patients with kindness and dignity. Our surgeon will have an open and honest consultation with you regarding your issue and your expectations from the surgery. As a part of preparing for surgery you will also undergo gynecological examination and routine tests to ensure your suitability for surgery. You will also be given detailed instruction by the doctor to ensure you are physically and mentally ready for surgery and achieve your desired goal.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

Hymen repair surgery is a daycare procedure and is performed under local anesthesia or if the patient is overtly anxious or nervous, under general anesthesia. The surgical technique is decided by the surgeon based on the physical examination of the genital area. But all surgical techniques aim to form adhesions between remains of the hymen and to reduce the vaginal introitus.

Recovering from Hymen Repair Surgery

After surgery there should be slight pain and bruising for which you will be prescribed painkillers. You should take shower only after a day and should avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas for a month. You would be advised to not use tampons during your first 2 menstrual cycles after the surgery. Aggressive physical activity should be avoided for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

Risks and Complications of Hymenoplasty Surgery

Hymenoplasty is a relatively safe procedure and other than adverse impact of anesthesia, no major medical risks exist. Minor risks include scarring, infection, bleeding, pain during intercourse, etc.

Since hymenoplasty does not guarantee bleeding during intercourse, there is a risk that the surgery may amount to nothing on the most important day.

Most patients however, are quite happy with the results and never face any complications whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there visible scars after Hymenoplasty surgery? Will my future husband find out that I have done surgery?

No there are no visible scars after surgery. In the initial few weeks till the sutures get absorbed they can be seen on close inspection. But once you have fully recovered, the hymen will look natural and no one can suspect surgery. So you should time your surgery to ensure complete recovery before your first night after marriage.

Can I repair my vagina along with hymen?

Yes, hymenoplasty can be combined with vaginoplasty (or vagina repair surgery) to ensure any vaginal deformity or laxity is corrected along with hymen rejuvenation.

Hymenoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad

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