If you've got excess skin in your abdomen which doesn't respond to diet or exercise, then you should opt for Tummy Tuck (or Abdominoplasty) surgery that flattens the abdomen by removing extra fat and skin, and tightening muscles in your abdominal wall. Women who had many pregnancies can undergo this procedure for tightening their abdominal muscles and reducing skin. It is also an option for men or women who were once obese and still have excess fat deposits or loose skin around the belly.

Who should consider Tummy Tuck?

You are an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck surgery if you fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • You are a male or female have a bulging abdomen and/or loose, hanging fold of skin

  • You are a women with post pregnancy stretch marks and loose skin in abdomen area

  • You have lost a lot of weight too soon and your abdomen has become saggy and loose

In addition to the above abdomen specific issues you also fulfill the following criteria:

  • You are physically healthy with stable weight

  • You have realistic expectations from tummy tuck surgery

  • You are a nonsmoker

  • You have low self esteem due to the appearance of your abdomen

You are not an ideal candidate for Tummy Tuck procedure if: 

  • You are doing this not because you want it, but to fulfill someone else’s desire.

  • You are a women who plans to get pregnant soon. In this case you should postpone abdominoplasty till you have completed your family.

  • You are an overweight/obese male/female who wants to lose weight quickly. Tummy Tuck is not an alternative to weight loss through natural means.

How is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery Done?

Step 1: Consultation With Surgeon

You will have a detailed consultation with Dr. Sharath at KIMS Hospital Hyderabad where he will ask you questions to understand your medical history, past illnesses, treatments, allergies, etc. He will also understand your surgery goals and advice you the best course of action about the treatment and answer any questions you may have about the surgery. You will also be explained about the risks associated with the surgery and what results you can expect from the procedure.

Step 2: Preoperative Evaluation

Once you have made up your mind about the surgery, you will have another session at the hospital where you will undergo routine test to make sure you are ready for surgery and anesthesia. The surgeon will also study your abdomen, quality of skin, amount of fat, etc and give you instructions to get yourself ready for surgery.

Step 3: Abdominoplasty Surgery

Immediately before the surgery you will be asked to stand straight and the surgeon will mark the areas of your abdomen where incision will be made. Depending on your requirement, your surgeon may recommend complete tummy tuck or partial tummy tuck procedure. Complete abdominoplasty can take between 1-5 hours and partial abdominoplasty can be completed in 1-2 hours.

Complete Abdominoplasty: The surgeon will cut your abdomen from hip bone to hip bone and then contour the skin, tissue, and muscle as needed. The surgery will involve moving your belly button, and you may need drainage tubes under your skin for a few days. 

Partial or Mini Abdominoplasty: Mini-abdominoplasties are often done on people whose fat deposits are located below the navel. During this procedure, the surgeon most likely will not move your belly button, and the procedure may only take up to two hours, depending on your case.

Step 4: Post Surgery Recovery

After surgery your abdomen incisions will be covered with dressings/bandages and you may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or any compression garment to help your abdomen heal from the surgery. Small tubes may be placed under the skin for the first day after surgery to drain any excess fluid or blood from the body. 

It may take about 3-4 weeks for you to do light household work or get back to your desk job. You should also avoid any strenuous activity or exercise till about 6 weeks after the surgery. Avoid weight lifting or any abdomen related exercise till 3 months after the surgery.

Most people who undergo this surgery like how they look after the surgery. Although complete recovery and feeling normal again may take some months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks of Tummy Tuck surgery?

Yes, like any major cosmetic surgery tummy tuck surgery also has its fair share of risks. These include:

  • Fluid accumulation beneath skin. That is why drainage tubes are placed under the skin after surgery.

  • Permanent scars that are visible, although almost always scars are present on the bikini line that can be easily hidden.

  • During the surgery superficial sensory nerves of your abdomen region may be affected causing reduced sensation or numbness.

  • Normal surgery related risks like bleeding, infections and adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery painful? 

The surgery itself is done under general anesthesia. So the surgery is painless. But after surgery when the effect of anesthesia has waned off you may feel moderate pain. Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers to tackle this. So, on the whole, the procedure is fairly painless with proper medication.

Can I have Liposuction instead of Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck are two different procedures which address two different concerns. Liposuction is right for you if you are of ideal weight and only have excess fat around your tummy area and as a woman, you have never had any child. But if you have been pregnant or lost excess fat then you have stretched skin and flabby tummy that can’t be helped with liposuction. In such cases the tummy tuck is your only option. 

Can I have kids after tummy tuck surgery?

Yes you can get pregnant and have kids after this surgery, but pregnancy and childbirth might negate most of the benefits of tummy tuck surgery. You skins may get stretched again and your tummy may again get loose. That is why doctors always recommend you to first complete your family by having all the kids you want to have and then go for abdominoplasty to have permanent results from the surgery. 

I have had childbirth through C Section before. Will Tummy Tuck Surgery create another scar?

If you have had a C Section before the incision for tummy tuck can be done on the same line thus avoiding an additional scar for you. You can also undergo a scar revision surgery to remove the current C Section scar also.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Hyderabad

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